Starting a business can be a stressful time and because the Internal Revenue code is so complex it is important to engage a tax attorney when starting a new business.

  • We help clients with business formation and structuring new business ventures in order to optimize the tax structure of the business which will maximize profits. We ensure that the business is registered and compliant with all local, state and federal regulatory entities and with the Internal Revenue Service. We also counsel clients as to the asset protection features of various business entities.
  • Our services include but are not limited to filing Articles of Incorporation, preparing the appropriate governing documents, I.e., articles of incorporation, articles of association, shareholder agreements and partnership agreements, bylaws, and corporate minutes
  • Draft all necessary business operation documents including  employment contracts, business contracts, leases, purchase agreements and all other necessities. We also work with tax professionals to ensure proper tax filings match up to the chosen business structure.
  • We also ensure that your Business Structure will provide asset protection and we connect your business structure to your estate plan in order to provide Business Succession Planning for family businesses. (this needs to be linked to advanced techniques estate planning)