We provide tax planning and structuring solutions for clients and work with real estate professionals, financial professionals, attorneys and accountants in order to advise clients on how to optimize their personal finances and business structure from an income tax perspective.

Income Tax Planning

  • Advise businesses on optimal structures from income tax perspective
  • File 2553 electing S Corporation treatment

501(c)(3) Foundations

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts (CRAT or CRUT)

Removal of Resident From prior State Taxation

  • (i.e. New York Resident moving to Florida)
Opinions of Counsel regarding items to be reported on a tax return

Tax Planning for High-Income Realization Events

  • Sales of Real Estate or Artwork
  • Sales of Business Interests
  • Receipt and Sale of Restricted Corporate Stock
  • Conversion of Traditional Retirement Accounts to Roth Retirement Accounts
  • Opportunity Zone Planning
Tax Structuring and Analysis of Legal Settlement Agreements

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